BiAC - Catch the Balls in the Cup

Catch the balls in a cup... need I say more it is BALL IN A CUP. 

Ball in A Cup (BiAC) is a SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE physics based game. In short you must catch the balls in your cup, avoid some bad balls and try to get the bonus balls. Are you up to the challenge! Try and see how many balls you can catch. 


In BiAC you must help your “CupMan” catch as many balls as he can. As you progress through each wave the running % of ball you must catch goes up, so look alive and don’t slack off. Those balls you miss now will just make it harder for you down the road. But remember not all balls are safe or easy to catch. 


★ Avoid the dreaded DARK Matter balls which will disable your cup for a few seconds. 

★ Remember to use finesse on those RED Rubber balls, as they are not easy to catch and can bounce out. 



• Addictive Physics Gameplay 

• Customizable Cup’s, chose your style or color!!! 

• Endless Levels that are always changing 

• Satisfying Sound FX 

• Amazing Retina Cartoon Graphics 

• Simple Controls 

• Global Leaderboard & Achievements 

• Independent Game Development – Support your Indy developers! 



• Entertaining kids while waiting in a line :-D 

• Quick game fix during a break at work X-D 

• Passing the time at your in-laws ;-) 

• And much more... 


Best if all BiAC is free, download it today, share with your friend and enjoy!